How to make Chilli Con Carne!!

I don’t know about you, but I looovve chilli con carne, I make it all the time and when my mum decides that that is what we are having for dinner I always ask to make it. So without further ado, let’s get into it!


. Mince meat

. Bell peppers ( I use red and yellow ones)

. Kidney beans

. Onion ( one large onion or 2 small)

. Chilli con carne sauce ( however you can make your own)

. Rice


. Put your mince meat in a large saucepan and break it up with a mixing spoon , make sure it’s on a high heat

. Whilst your meat is cooking, chop up your onion and bell peppers.

. You will see the meat cook and as the majority of it is cooked thoroughly, chuck in the onion and bell peppers

. Mix it together and let all of the ingredients cook through

. Then add in the chilli con carne sauce ( usually 2 jars is enough for around 7 people)

. Then you mix and put the lid on the pot, also turn down the heat to prevent burning your food

. Whilst this is cooking, make your rice by putting it in a small pot and put boiling water in, then cook it properly by turning the heat on.

Then it’s all done!!!

Please let me know what meals you like to make and feel free to give me any ideas on what other posts you would like to see!

Bye x


My Holy grail skin care product!

So I’ve mentioned before that I have oily to combination skin, and I am prone to spots, which is really annoying. I had been looking everywhere for a good face wash or face cream which helps keep my spots and my oily t-zone under control and I couldn’t find anything that would help and I would spend loads of my money on products that did absolutely nothing for my skin. But not so long ago, I went to Superdrug after reading loads and loads of reviews on the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily scrub. It wasn’t expensive and cost me around £4 so it wasn’t exactly breaking the bank. For me, this product is AMAZING, when I wash my face with it, it reduces my spots and prevents further breakouts, although I did see lots of reviews saying that it broke them out and left them a rash on their face, so I would definitely recommend this product for oily skin but I am not sure on very dry skin. I also bought the matching facial wash as well. So overall I love this and everyday I look in the mirror I feel so happy and I feel a lot better about my skin!!

Please feel free to let me know what your favourite skincare products are!

Bye x

My mini holiday!

So last week, my mum decided to take my brothers and I to Bournemouth for the day. I had never been to Bournemouth before and as I heard that it was one of the nicest beaches in England, you can imagine, I was beyond excited. We went there on the Thursday and stayed in a hotel overnight and we were going to 2 other places the next day. Bournemouth beach was so nice and it was really fun, however it was the next day that i was more excited for because we were going to two other places called: Lulworth cove and Durdle door. Lulworth was really nice but there wasn’t a lot there so we went to Durdle door and it was BEAUTIFUL, if I didn’t know where we were I would’ve thought we were abroad. I loved it, other than the fact that I got severely sunburnt it was an amazing 2 days, if any of you guys want to go anywhere in England that is really good I definitely recommend this place 👌🏻

Look out for more of my blog posts soon!

Bye x

I am finally back, and for good this time!!

Hiya guys, I know it has been the longest time since I have posted and I apologise because I have been very very busy and now my exams are all over I am back and ready to start the cooking/baking and makeup posts that I know you all love as well as I do. In fact, I just logged in and I have well over 400 emails 😂 and I know for a fact I’ll never get through all of them! I really miss blogging as it is so fun to do and I love sharing my tips and tricks with everyone. I went to the shop today and got my self a scrapbook so I can write down loads of blog ideas, so get ready for that because it will be AMAZING! A lot has happened in the last few months, for example I just turned 16 so that’s exciting!!

I can’t wait to start getting back into routine! Please let me know what you’ve been up to and what blogs you’d like to see in the future.

Bye x

Hiya guys!

Hi guys, i thought i would make a short post, just assuring you that i haven’t forgot about my blog and this wonderful community. Not a lot of things have happened in the time that i have been away all i have been doing is revising for exams and doing coursework etc. which by the way i did get a B! And that is worth 50% of my grade so i am very glad with that result to say the least. unfortunately, i will be away for a while again because exam season is officially over in 2 months and when i have my holiday i will be back and full of reviews and baking recipes and i cant wait!

That’s all for now!

Bye x

A Catch Up!

So it is the Easter holidays and usually i would be lounging and playing on my PlayStation but the whole of year 11 has to go to school this week for revision classes which is a bummer because everyone else has 2 weeks off of school but these revision classes will definitely benefit me in the long run as i am certain that my PlayStation will not!

On Sunday i went to my aunties because we had an Easter egg hunt ( yes i know I’m a bit too old but it was fun!) and they had a little Syrian hamster called Rascal and she said i could have him because it isn’t exactly the best pet for my cousins who are very young and because i already had one called fluffy, i was glad to take another one because i love animals however when i got home, my hamster fluffy had died, she was very sick before as she had a skin condition and she also had something wrong with her brain but i did my absolute best to look after her and she was a very happy hamster and as far as I’m concerned her conditions didn’t give her a lot of pain. My younger brother was devastated because he loved her. The hamster i now have is a boy and i have to look after him a lot because he is blind, i do know that hamsters in general are partially blind but his is more severe and he was just born like that, he is absolutely adorable and my brothers love him but I’m not sure he’ll be able to replace fluffy.

i do have a video of him yawning which i can insert below!

Bye x

I’m back…..sort of

as you guys may know, i have my GCSE’s coming up very, very soon so obviously i have been revising non stop and i have spent countless hours after school doing coursework, so that is probably why i haven’t been active on here for a while but don’t worry guys, i haven’t forgot about wordpress and all you lovely people!

i will probably do another blog post on Friday and one on Monday because i have work on Saturday!

Bye x

Anastasia Beverly hills!

So last year, i was going on and on about getting a decent highlighter palette for my birthday and when the time finally came and i was at school opening all my presents from my friends, one of my best friends passed me over her present and as i opened it i saw that she got me the Anastasia Beverly Hills, Nicole Guerriero glow kit! I was literally gobsmacked and i was so happy that i received it because it is AMAZING! i love it, and yes after receiving it i have gone out and bought several highlighter palettes but this is the one that i always come back to because it is so pigmented, and i really recommend this palette for people with deeper skin tones than me because there are some darker colours in there so this palette is suitable for more than one skin tone which i think is lovely!!

Please let me know down below if you like this palette or if you would like to try it!

Bye x


My last ever school photos!

So today I had my year 11 photos and I was so nervous because I really didn’t want to look stupid. I had my hair curled but it was kinda hard to do because now my hair is even shorter and is now at shoulder length, and there was a big confusion at school because the whole year had to arrange themselves in order of height and personally I don’t think I am that short but when I am compared to other people, I am so short so I had to sit right at the front! Plus the sun was in everyone’s eyes so everyone was squinting and it was horrible but luckily my individual photo wasn’t so bad and I can’t wait to see them all!

Bye x

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